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UNIMAS ISO103 | Step into Fashion

Speaking with the next generation of creative minds and sharing what I’ve learned over the years is always a welcome break from a busy work schedule, so imagine my excitement when I was invited to speak at University Malaysia Sarawak’s (UNIMAS) ISO 103 photography exhibition on April 25.

As part of the Digital Photography for Designer course at UNIMAS, the exhibition showcased some of the best work that students have worked on, and I was more than happy to give some input on how to take their photography to the next level.

I’m glad that there are still so many out there with a keen interest in fashion and commercial photography. The question and answer session with the students went on a little longer than expected but it certainly didn’t feel that way – hallmark signs of a productive sharing session.

The students were also in for a treat as PC Image were around with an array of photography goodies like the latest gear and cameras from Sony Malaysia and Onsmo lighting on hand for them to try out. I think everyone had a pretty fun and informative time trying out the latest gear, myself included.

It’s always a pleasure to see things from the standpoint of young students, as it gives me the opportunity to see things from a fresh perspective as well, creatively. Looking forward to the next one. Oh, check out some of the photos shot during the whole session.

Till next time!

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